Posted by on 2012/02/15

The special issue of Journal of Experimental Biology, Biophysics, bioenergetics and mechanistic approaches to ecology, has been published with our paper titled “Integrating physiological and biomechanical drivers of population growth over environmental gradients on coral reefs.” From Inside JEB by Kathryn Knight: “Moving further out to sea, Joshua Madin from Macquarie University, Australia, considers the physiological and mechanical effect of water flowing over delicate coral reef structures (p. 968). Explaining how flows can affect corals on a number of different levels – physiological (photosynthesis, calcification and respiration) and mechanical (physical storm damage) – Madin and colleagues Mia Hoogenboom and Sean Connolly construct a model that integrates the biochemical and biomechanical impacts of wave exposure on individual corals. They then scale the effects up to the population level to predict the performance and distribution of scleractinian reef corals. The trio confirms their model by showing that their predictions for the distribution of Acropora hyacinthus corals agree well with the distribution found throughout the Indo- Pacific region. Ultimately, they intend to use their model to make predictions about coral distributions in response to anthropogenic climate change.”

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