Posted by on 2013/05/01

An ongoing collaboration among researchers from the University of Technology of Sydney, University of Sydney and the Macquarie University, in Sydney, the James Cook University and the Australian Institute of Marine Science in Townsville, and the Kochi University in Japan, resulted in a review paper published this week in the Journal Fish and Fisheries. The paper is a global review of tropical reef fish species occurring as vagrants in adjacent temperate zones, which shed light on the species-traits that predict species that may follow the pace of future climate changes and the ones that may be left behind and therefore more likely to become extinct. The paper shows that tropical vagrant species are more likely to originate from high-latitude populations, while at the demographic level, tropical fish species with large body size, high swimming ability, large size at settlement and pelagic spawning behaviour are more likely to show successful settlement into temperate habitats. [link]

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