Coral hunting fieldtrip to Jervis Bay and south to Bermagui. People: Josh, Andrew, Toni, CY and Julieta. Established sites for permanent quadrats/transects and discussed with Nathan Knott (NSW Marine Parks). Conducted random quadrats to establish Plesiastrea versipora associations with other organisms. Julieta collecting shell samples.

Day 1 – Jervis Bay

  • Drive to Jervis, arrive 11am
  • Tried Murray’s boat ramp (strong westerly and very low tide, too dangerous). Enter at Huskisson boat ramp instead
  • Dent rock: heaps of Plesiastrea versipora

Day 2 – Jervis Bay

  • Hyams Point – Good Plesiastrea versipora in seam with urchins
  • Hyams Beach Site 2 – No corals. Not many urchins.
  • Murrays Beach Site 1 – No corals. Okay habitat — i.e., urchins, bare substrate, no seams.
  • Murrays Beach Site 2 – Extensive search along hydrodynamic gradient. Clear urchin habitat. No seams.
  • Bowan Island (dive) – Found Plesiastrea versipora — scattered individuals, down to 20 m. Less in shallows (i.e., 5 m).
  • Target beach – Coral hunted at pin. Rocky and urchin habitat. No corals. Too wavie for other rocks in bay.
  • Green Island (Green Point) – Plesiastrea versipora along south seam at ~3-4m

Day 3 – Tollgate Island

  • Right kind of habitat, rock and urchins with not much algae, but no corals…
  • Two dives on each side, lunch in middle “lagoon”
  • Batemans Rockpool – see pin. Heaps of Plesiastrea versipora and one colony of Coscinaraea mcneilli

Day 4 – Batemans Bay

  • Montague Island – Main seal colony: plenty of Plesiastrea versipora at 15-18 metres
  • Montague Island – Sheltered seal colony: HEAPS of Plesiastrea versipora at 5-15 metres
  • Bermagui – Check checked north facing edge, no coral)

Day 5 – Potato Point

  • Potato Point – north of headland, no corals
  • Meringo Point. Looked like Bermagui, didn’t go in
  • Bingi Point (south of headland) – no corals

Day 6 – Juli Beach sampling day, trait analysis & rest

Day 7 – Jervis Bay

  • Dent rock – Random quadrats to look at Plesiastrea versipora associations with other organisms (Josh/CY and Toni/Juli)
  • Plantation Point – Look for anemones (CY)
  • Hyams Point – Random quadrats (Josh/CY and Toni/Juli)
  • The Docks (Juli and Toni dive)
  • Honeymoon Beach (Sue recommedation at boat launch) – A couple of Plesiastrea versipora after extensive search (Josh and Toni), but not much
  • Green Island / Point – Random quadrats (Josh and Toni)
  • Meeting with Nathan Knott (Marine Parks) about permit for permanent quadrats at Dent, Green and Hyams.

Day 8 – Clean up and drive home