• Research Fellow, Marine Evolutionary Ecology Group, Monash University, Australia (starting October 2015)
  • PhD (Biological Sciences), Macquarie University, Australia (2011-2015)
  • MSc (Ecology), Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil (2009-2011)
  • BSc (Biological Sciences), Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil (2004-2008)sfc_instructor**

Contact information Github Twitter My present focus lies in quantitative macroecological approaches that scale up energetics from individuals to communities and ecosystems. My PhD thesis is focused on understanding how the relative importance of abiotic variables (temperature), properties of individuals (body size), species (trophic level) and communities (species richness) interplay to determine community energy flux and biomass production as well as population maximum abundance. I am combining a suite of mathematical and statistical models to test predictions based on the Metabolic Theory of Ecology. Models are being evaluated using metabolic rate data from FishBase and a reef-fish community structure dataset collected and compiled by myself and many collaborators worldwide. The results are shedding new light on how first principles influencing individual level metabolism will affect higher levels of biological organisation. I will soon be moving to Dustin Marshall’s lab at Monash University where I will be acting as a Research Fellow. Publications

  • Hachich NF, Bonsall MB, Arraut EM, Barneche DR, Lewinsohn TM, Floeter SR (2015) Island biogeography: patterns of marine shallow-water organisms in the Atlantic Ocean. Journal of Biogeography, online early. [link]
  • Barneche DR, Allen AP������(2015) Embracing general theory and taxon-level idiosyncrasies to explain nutrient recycling. PNAS, 112:6248–6249. [link]
  • Falster DS, Duursma RA, Ishihara MI, Barneche DR, FitzJohn RG, et al. (2015) BAAD: a Biomass and allometry database for woody plants. Ecology, 96: 1445. [link] [GitHub repository]
  • Luiz OJ, Mendes TC, Barneche DR, Ferreira CGW, Noguchi R, Villaça RC, Rangel CA, Gasparini JL, Ferreira CEL (2015) Community structure of reef fishes on a remote oceanic island: the relative influence of abiotic and biotic variables. Marine and Freshwater Research, 66: 739–749. [link]
  • Anderson AB, Bonaldo RM, Barneche DR, Hackradt CW, Félix-Hackradt FC, García-Chartón JA, Floeter SR (2014) Recovery of grouper assemblages indicates effectiveness in a Marine Protected Area in Southern Brazil. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 514: 207–215.����[link]
  • Barneche DR, Kulbicki M, Floeter SR, Friedlander AM, Maina J, Allen AP (2014) Scaling metabolism from individuals to reef-fish communities at broad spatial scales. Ecology Letters, 17: 1067–1076. [link]
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  • Barneche DR, Anderson AB, Floeter SR, Silveira M, Dinslaken DF and Carvalho-Filho A (2009) Ten new records of reef fish on the coast of Santa Catarina State, Brazil. Marine Biodiversity Records 2:e143, Published Online. [link]
  • Barneche DR, Floeter SR, Ceccarelli DM, Frensel DMB, Dinslaken DF, Mário HFS and Ferreira CEL (2009) Feeding macroecology of territorial damselfishes (Perciformes:Pomacentridae). Marine Biology 156:289-299. [link]

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