• Masters of Research, Macquarie University (2013-present)
  • Bachelor of Science (Biology), Macquarie University (2009-2012)


Due to rapidly changing conditions we are already observing a decline in coral reefs and skewness towards more tolerant species. My interests lie in understanding the how these changes are impacting reefs at a species level. More specifically, how species traits can be as a tool to model expected outcomes, in terms of adaptations and extinctions, in light of these changes. The ultimate goal would be to develop better and more informed management strategies for protecting coral reef environments.

Currently, I am undertaking a Masters of Research that focuses on assessing the population dynamics of Plesiastrea versipora at Fairlight Beach, Sydney. This species is of particular interest because it thrives in both temperate and tropical environments. I hope to elucidate the reasons behind the success of this isolated population.